Yu-Wen Wu’s “Lantern Stories”

Lantern Descriptions for “Lantern Stories” by Yu-Wen Wu

Visit the link above to read the descriptions I wrote for each of the thirty-one lanterns in Yu-Wen Wu’s Lantern Stories public art project (located in the “Learn More: Exploring Lantern Stories Blog” tab on the project page at rosekennedygreenway.org). It was an amazing pleasure to work with Wu and the Greenway team on such a meaningful project, which was created in collaboration with Boston Chinatown locals from the initial community listening sessions to execution and public programs. Due to its popularity, the project will hopefully be reinstalled sometime within the next year. Click the link above to explore all aspects of Boston Chinatown’s incredible history.

Lantern Stories celebrates Boston Chinatown’s vibrant community. Commissioned by the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, artist Yu-Wen Wu created thirty-one lanterns to illuminate Boston Chinatown’s history, culture, and resiliency. The images on the lanterns relate the long and fraught history of Chinese immigration in the United States. Highlighting the arts, calligraphy, music, and performance, as well as the community’s strong commitment to education, entrepreneurship, and social justice, these lanterns hold the experience and stories of the community, past and present.